CBD and the Immune System - Can Cannabidiol Support the Immune System?

Colds, herpes, allergies - many complaints in everyday life, we lead back to the fact that our immune system does not work optimally. Sometimes it seems to let us down, sometimes it reacts stronger than it should. As scientific studies show, CBD could interfere with oil regulation: How does our ..

CBD in cosmetics - how well does cannabidiol affect our skin?

the biggest appeal features - no wonder we're ready to invest a lot in effective skin care products. Care products that contain CBD extracts such as CBD oil are currently emerging as a new trend in the cosmetics market. Are you just a marketing gimmick? On the contrary, medical studies hope that ..

Phytocannabinoids - purely vegetable

Renewable medicine "Phyto" comes from the Greek and means "plant". Cannabinoids are produced in the body, in some plants and also in some chemistry laboratories. The hot "endogenous cannabinoids" produced in the body, from the chemical laboratory "synthetic cannabinoids". There are also ..


THC very similar endogenous cannabinoid When it comes to cannabis, many people think of kippers and highs first. This high is to be attributed as a intoxicating effect on a single phytocannabinoid. All other phytocannabinoids affect at most this high of the THC, but do not make high on their own. ..

Exogenous cannabinoids

Each vertebrate has a cannabinoid system and thus also forms endogenous cannabinoids. Phytocannabinoids have the highest number and highest concentration in the cannabis plant. Phytocannabinoids occur occasionally in other plants. This also applies to some endogenous cannabinoids. Thus, anandamide ..

Endogenous cannabinoids

Our organism, a criminal? The production of cannabis or the intoxicating tetrahydrocannabinol is prohibited in Germany, with exceptions. Our body forms endogenous cannabinoids. The anandamide discovered in 1992 is very similar to the THC. Is our organism a criminal? Does the mother behave ..

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